Grant Beck

— Keynote Speaker —


President & CEO

Graham Construction


Mayor Don Iveson

— Guest of Honour —


35th Mayor

City of Edmonton


Throughout his 40-plus-year construction career, Grant Beck has worked tirelessly promoting initiatives he believes are important to both community and the construction industry.


Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Grant embodies the ‘prairie culture’ of hard work, perseverance and deep-rooted values – evident in his ascension to the top in every position he has involved himself. From labourer to President & CEO of a multi-billion-dollar-per-year construction company; from prairie farm boy to community leader, Grant has consistently maintained a high level of dedication and integrity in every position, at every step of his career and personal life.


With broad operational experience in civil industrial, multi-unit, institutional and social infrastructure, he has successfully completed projects across Canada and the United States. His professional expertise spans all contract size and methods, from small fixed price contracts and construction management to complex multi-billion-dollar, design-build-finance and maintain (P3s) projects.


Grant earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan in 1977, and achieved his professional engineering status in 1979. Grant has held numerous Canadian construction industry positions and is currently a member of the Construction Industry Round Table (CIRT) Association in the United States and a Board member for Graham (construction) Group Ltd. He has also held many community chairmanship and board positions.


Outside of work, Grant has consistently advanced to top leadership positions in the community.  Be it education, sports, church or community service, he has a strong commitment to his marriage and family, a giving heart for the underprivileged and a passion for cars. Grant is an effective communicator, strategic thinker, and a visionary with a common sense approach.

Since his election as Edmonton's 35th Mayor in 2013, Mayor Iveson has set his sights on transforming Edmonton into a highly uplifting, more resilient, globally competitive, well-governed city that is recognized as one of Canada’s very best places to build something great.


In his time on Council and as Mayor, Iveson has earned a reputation for being pragmatic, creative, collaborative and compassionate in his approach to building Edmonton. Harnessing a renewed confidence among Edmontonians, he is focused on driving progress in four priority areas:


Building a more uplifting and inclusive city

This means a city that promotes cultural and economic inclusion, a city that is creative, inspiring and alive with culture, a city that enriches your quality of life through beautiful buildings and well-designed parks and public spaces.


Building a more resilient and green city

A resilient city is a place that makes proactive investments in the physical and social infrastructure for the long-term benefit of its residents. This includes climate change-ready infrastructure, a healthy and productive population, and stewardship of natural areas.


Building a more prosperous and competitive region

We can enhance Edmonton’s competitiveness by improving collaboration between regional partners, promoting a diverse and entrepreneurial business environment in Edmonton, and making our city a more attractive choice for talented people from around the world.


Leading an effective and open local government

The role of a city is changing as we embrace new opportunities for co-creation and engagement with our community, share information and data with citizens, and transform our city into a sandbox for public, private and academic innovation. Within the context of civic corporation, this means pushing for continuous innovation and improvements through efficiency.


Prior to entering public life, Iveson studied Political Science at the University of Alberta, then led the Canadian University Press in Toronto. He returned home to a city that appeared to be exporting young, smart leaders, thinkers, creators and entrepreneurs faster than it could attract them. As a proud Edmontonian, the challenge of attracting and retaining more people inspired Iveson to run for City Council in 2007; he served two terms as a City Councillor before running for Mayor.


Mayor Iveson humbly accepted an invitation in 2014 by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada to be an Honorary Witness of the injustices against Aboriginal families associated with Federal Residential Schools. He was recently honoured with an eagle feather from the Confederacy of Treaty 6 First Nations for his ongoing commitment to strengthening relations with surrounding First Nations and the City's growing Aboriginal population.


Alongside his remarkable partner Sarah Chan, and serving the community together, they are raising two young children with a clear intent that – when the time comes – they will have no doubt about wanting to stay and build their lives in Edmonton.

Fr. Stefano Penna

— Prayer for Leaders —


Director of the Benedict XVI Institute for New Evangelization

Newman Theological College


Johnny Rocket

— Master of Ceremonies—


105.9 Shine FM

Host of “The Morning Spin”

Program director for

Shine FM and CJCA

Jon Bauer

— Guest Musician —


Contemporary Christian
Music Artist